Thursday, 25 August 2011


1. Research your restaurant.
2. Call ahead and talk with the kitchen, preferably the chef.
3. Read over the menu prior to going and make notes.
4. Choose a restaurant that makes food from whole ingredients and does not make a lot ahead
of time.
5. Tell your hostess and server your needs and ask to speak to the manager or chef.
6. Even if ordering off of the gluten free menu, make sure you tell your waiter to note that
your meal is gluten free.
7. Make sure you are courteous and use every opportunity you eat out as an opportunity to
8. Utilize the many books and search engines out there to see what others have said about the
restaurant you are going to.
9. If you are finding there is a communication barrier and you don’t feel like you will get a
safe meal, you can leave. (done this!)
bar (like a LARA bar).
If you are with a group and can’t leave, have a drink and always bring a back up protein

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